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 This is a beautifully written post.  I hope the lady who posted it is still part of Dreamwidth, I'd like to read more of her posts.
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 You'd not think about these two phenomenon in the same sentence, not in the way I have in mind, still there's a certain correspondence.  

In some parts of Christendom there is the belief that individuals are responsible for living the Gospel.  We are taught to do unto others as we would have them do unto us for the sake of our own salvation.  To wit: Paul tells us that we will strive and struggle toward our salvation.  The Roman Catholic Church teaches that because God gave us so much, we are to reciprocate by giving of ourselves.  Think of it as giving back, by using some of the gifts God gave us for the benefit of others. When each one of us meets our Maker the conversation will be all about the individual and how that person went about giving to others and so followed Jesus' example.

Yet, it is not all about a single person.  That would be too great a burden.  There is no denying the Church's responsibility as a body (Corpus Christi, indeed).  Churches everywhere work to enliven and embolden their parishioners and to bring the news of God's grace and goodness to the world at large and to the neighborhood wherein they exist.  Every church fulfills the communal aspect of our common responsibility of giving back.

Voting works under the same rubric.  After all, each person, as a citizen, is entitled to vote.  We know, because we hear it so often--we have the right to vote.  That has been given to us by way of struggle and perseverance.  What we do not hear too much about is that each liberty we enjoy comes with an obligation or two.  Citizenship requires each person to actually vote.  Sure, one vote won't change the result of a race, not on the state or national level, notwithstanding that, the right to vote is empty if we do not avail ourselves of it.  Suffrage is the first step to a more involved citizenry.  It's the foundation of our sincere commitment to our political life and our social health.  For politics to be fruitful, to benefit the many instead of merely the few, folk need to sacrifice some of their time and talent by way of giving to the process.  

Just as Christians have free will and can ignore their obligation to give of the very gifts God gave, so also citizens are free to leave aside their obligations to make their voices heard in the political arena.  Just keep in mind that our form of Republican government works best when we work to influence, inform--even to form--our representatives.  The same holds for our salvation.  It is built upon our struggling toward it.  


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